'Very Reassuring': Osaka Happy About Conditions For New Moms On Tour

'Very Reassuring': Osaka Happy About Conditions For New Moms On Tour

by Zachary Wimer

Naomi Osaka is one of the mothers competing on the WTA Tour, and she feels that the organizers are doing a solid job of making things as easy as possible for new mothers.

There has always been a debate about motherhood on the WTA side of the Tour because many players want to become mothers, but doing so during their active playing careers was never easy.

Coming back from motherhood is never easy, as a mother's body changes permanently, making many players push it back and focus on their careers. More recently, we've seen players make a decision to become mothers during their careers, which many have branded positive for the sport because it can be done successfully.

Quite a few players have become mothers over the years, including Victoria Azarenka and, more recently, Naomi Osaka and Elina Svotlina. Osaka and Azarenka were at the forefront of recently calling on the WTA to do more for mothers, but generally, the Japanese player feels like the situation is pretty decent for mothers, as she revealed at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships.

"I think whenever I go to tournaments there’s a little children’s play area. I think they’re taking that into consideration. I do see a lot more kids on tour now. That’s something that’s very adorable and very reassuring. I hope that other parents feel the same way."

Osaka on being a mother on the WTA Tour

Becoming a mother was a profound experience for Osaka, who became really motivated to do well in tennis after growing her family. She wants to show herself in the best light to her daughter, Shai, and she's certainly been doing quite well upon her return.

Belinda Bencic is another player who joined the club recently, and she'll be back fairly soon, as will possibly some other players, who will be those who will benefit from current mothers paving the way for them.


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