'Unusual, It's Horses For Courses': Henman Reacts To Raducanu's Frequent Coach Changes

'Unusual, It's Horses For Courses': Henman Reacts To Raducanu's Frequent Coach Changes

by Alex Waite

Emma Raducanu's decision to change coaches frequently throughout her career has been questioned by former British number one Tim Henman.

Raducanu has built a reputation for firing and hiring new coaches regularly during her short career. In June, the 20-year-old parted ways with Sebastian Sachs, her fifth coach in two years.

The former US champion's decision to keep shifting approaches off the court has been questioned often by pundits. However, Tim Henman is the latest player to share his thoughts on Raducanu's radical approach and, when speaking to Sky Sports, he feels that one way of working with coaches doesn't always work for someone else.

"It's horses for courses. It's unusual. But you could say that it's worked for her. For me, I was on the tour for 15 years and I worked with three coaches so I liked that consistency and continuity. Having said that, it'll be interesting to see what she does because she will need a tennis coach when she resumes.

"In tennis it's not so unusual to change [coaches]. Sometimes you share coaches and there are different ways of doing it."

Henman told SkySports

Ahead of her potential return for the 2024 season, Raducanu is still without a new coach following Sachs' dismissal. While Henman argues that the Raducanu will need a coach for next year's campaign, he also believes that the 20-year-old still has what it takes to get back to the top, especially due to her form during the stunning 2021 win at Flushing Meadows.

"It was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much. I think when you look at that run for Raducanu in the context of professional tennis, no man or woman has ever qualified and made the final of a Grand Slam and she qualified and won the whole thing, winning 20 consecutive sets, it was incredible," 

"Anyone who can do what she did in New York is a phenomenal player. You can't fluke that type of thing. So I certainly see her winning big tournaments in the future."


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