"Tennis needs to change" - Azarenka on how tennis can evolve for the better

"Tennis needs to change" - Azarenka on how tennis can evolve for the better

by Jamie Malachy

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Victoria Azarenka has spoken recently about ways she believes tennis can change, which will be to the benefit of the players - especially on the WTA.

Speaking to press following her first round match in Dubai, the Belarusian former World No. 1 has also outlined the fundamental roadblocks that render implementing change in tennis so difficult.

I would like to see many things change. Unfortunately, we are dealing with so many organizations that changing is difficult. There are many people who belong to the older generation and may find it difficult to see the future. We need more unity in the sport, more player involvement, but it takes time. It is very difficult to change the way things have been done, to overcome traditions. Tennis needs to change, to grow, to be faster in terms of playing time.

Azarenka on why change can be so difficult and slow in tennis

The two-time Grand Slam champion addresses a key issue in the structure of the professional tennis community, which is that it has several different governing bodies, all of which have their own interests and agendas. While this can often work very effectively and harmoniously, as well as protecting against the perils of sole ownership, this can also mean that necessary improvements are slow to be implemented.

An example of this was at the poorly-attended WTA Finals last year in Fort Worth.

The potential is high, but we need to have people who are willing to take some risks. WTA Finals? We need an event that deserves to host such an important tournament. Over the past couple of years, we've seen sudden announcements and no one has had time to think about marketing.

Azarenka on the disappointment of last year's WTA Finals

All aspects that have been underestimated. The players are eager to participate in this tournament, but we cannot find out at the last minute or a month in advance where the venue will be. At the moment there is not really an established location. There is still talk of China, but nothing definitive.


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