Swiatek's Nearly Two-Year Streak At WTA 1000 Events Ends With Shock Loss In Miami

Swiatek's Nearly Two-Year Streak At WTA 1000 Events Ends With Shock Loss In Miami

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek is the world number one, and for a good reason, however, one of her consistent streaks ended at the 2024 Miami Open.

To be world number one, players need a couple of things to go right for them. One of those things is being a really good player who will win trophies. The other thing is actually being consistent, collecting points week in and week out.

Swiatek has largely been able to do both in recent years. She won her most recent trophy at the Indian Wells recently, and it was the second trophy she won this year. She also won the Qatar Open in Doha a few weeks ago.

Still, the most impressive part of her career is her consistency. There are many ways to demonstrate that. Her last two years were both 60+ win seasons, with 2022 seeing her win 70 matches and last year seeing her win 69.

With 22 wins under her belt already, Swiatek looks on pace to hit that number again. Her run at the WTA 1000 events was another impressive consistent streak.

The WTA 1000 events are the most important events outside of the Grand Slams, and before the one in Miami, Swiatek had reached the quarter-final at 10 events in a row.

The last one where it didn't happen for her was the 2022 Cincinnati Open, where she reached the third round. By losing at the Miami Open to Ekaterina Alexandrova, Swiatek ended her consistent run because her loss occurred in the fourth round.

It wasn't the quarter-final, and after ten consecutive quarter-finals at the WTA 1000 events, the streak is over for the Polish player. It's not a huge deal because she'll still be world number one after this event, but it's a pretty good demonstration of how well she's been playing in recent times.


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