'Simona Didn't Do Any Of What's In That Report': Halep Defended By Ex-Coach Cahill

'Simona Didn't Do Any Of What's In That Report': Halep Defended By Ex-Coach Cahill

by Evita Mueller

The former coach of Simona Halep, Darren Cahill, has incredibly supported the Romanian during her doping case and is still by her side.

Simona Halep was recently heavily penalized by the ITIA for breaches of the anti-doping programme. She had two separate breaches with the punishment pushing her out of the sport for a few years and effectively ending her career.

She's already lost a year to it due to procedural nonsense, but the ruling also affects her reputation. We already saw Serena Williams throw shade at Halep after the ruling came out, and plenty of fans have also turned on her.

One of her most dedicated fans provided an update on social media, and Cahill responded to him, showing his support for Halep once more. He has faith that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) will rule in her favour after the appeal.

Simona didn’t do any of what’s been suggested in that report. CAS has always been the proper place to hear this case.

That's not entirely different from what the Australian coach has been saying about Halep as her trial was ongoing. He was categorical in his stance that he's never seen Halep do anything wrong and doesn't believe she would.

I know Simona's integrity and I have no doubt that she has never taken any banned substance. I sat through the entire two days of hearing with her and I CANNOT believe that the Tribunal has reached that decision based on the evidence and arguments that I heard. 

The process and the ITIA have been totally unfair to Simona and it is totally unacceptable. I hope that Simona will prevail at CAS which is the only Tribunal that is not controlled by the ITIA.

We'll see whether Cahill is proved right by the CAS in the coming months.


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