Raducanu Falls Out Of Top 200 For First Time In Over Two Years

Raducanu Falls Out Of Top 200 For First Time In Over Two Years

by Sebastian Dahlman

Emma Raducanu was expected to thrive after her US Open win, but she didn't, as injuries and other problems saw her drop out of the Top 200 on the WTA Tour.

Raducanu has had a really interesting career so far, introducing herself to the wider tennis audience with a really surprising Wimbledon loss that ended in a retirement. The circumstances of that retirement got her some backlash as people declared her unfit for the 'next step', something she would do just a few weeks later.

In New York, Raducanu qualified for the main draw of the US Open hoping to create some good memories. She created incredible memories by putting together one of the most unlikely runs ever and winning the event.

As shocking as that was, it also confirmed that the talent shown at Wimbledon wasn't a fluke. Many expected some regression from Raducanu as her level from New York wasn't going to carry over to every event, and they were right.

Unfortunately, a long list of injuries added itself into the mix, and we're now at a point where Raducanu hasn't played since April and had to undergo triple surgery. Her ranking suffered as she only managed ten matches this year, and she's now out of the Top 200 for the first time since her major breakout.

She was number 338 in the world during Wimbledon and jumped to number 179 after her run there. That was the first time she entered the Top 200 in her career, and she remained there until recently. The US Open run pushed her from number 150th to 23rd, the most significant jump in recent history.

She would eventually peak at number 10 last year but then started to slip as the Wimbledon and US Open points came off. She dropped out of the Top 100 earlier this year in May and out of the Top 100 recently on September 17th.

It's not all terrible news as she's reportedly back to training though we don't know if she'll make a comeback this year.


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