Serena Williams Unsure About Ever Getting To Play Tennis With Coco Gauff

Serena Williams Unsure About Ever Getting To Play Tennis With Coco Gauff

by Erik Virostko

Serena Williams recently addressed the possibility of playing tennis with Coco Gauff, who doesn't hide her admiration for the legend.

The 42-year-old American is the greatest female tennis player of all time, and possibly the greatest female athlete of all time. The list of her achievements is incredibly long, and it's not a surprise that on her way to winning 23 Grand Slam titles and spending 319 weeks as the world's no. 1 player on the WTA Tour, she inspired millions around the world.

Williams didn't inspire only the future generation of tennis players but also people outside of the sport, as her influence can be felt after her retirement, with her presence felt in many companies.

Current world no. 2 player on the WTA Tour, Coco Gauff, has been vocal about how much she admires 'true and only GOAT' Serena Williams, and while she got to play her sister, Venus Williams, in the past, the 20-year-old American never stood on the same tennis court with Serena.

Although Williams recently sparked comeback rumors with cryptic message about her possible return to tennis, it's extremely unlikely, mostly because of her age, as it's extremely rare for athletes to compete in their 40s, even though legendary Martina Navratilova showed in the past that it was possible.

Serena recently attended the Tribeca Festival for the premiere of her new docuseries - In the Arena: Serena Williams. Speaking to People at the event, the legend, and currently mother of two, was asked about possibly playing Gauff, who may become her successor in years to come.

The 42-year-old, however, answered with a humorous tone, suggesting that her body may not allow her to hit with the rising star at a high intensity, specifically pointing out troubles with her knees.

"I mean, let me ask my knees?"


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