Serena Williams' New Docuseries On ESPN Set For Premiere

Serena Williams' New Docuseries On ESPN Set For Premiere

by Nurein Ahmed

Serena Williams is expected to have a banner July with the confirmation of a highly anticipated eight-part docuseries chronicling her career, which will air on ESPN.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion shared the news on her Instagram account, revealing that the official premiere date is July 10th. In the post, Williams wrote, "I can't wait for you to see what I have been working on! The eight-part series 'In The Arena: Serena Williams' premieres July 10 on ESPN+."

What is particularly interesting is that the docuseries will precede the retired legend's July 11th hosting duties at the ESPYs. Serena will become the fourth woman to host the annual awards show that honors the best in individual and team sports in the past year.

The teaser for the upcoming series "In The Arena: Serena Williams" was released very recently. In it, Serena is pictured in her customary service motion under bright lights, veiled in a golden dress.

It is a moment symbolic of her playing career, depicting her calmness and composure under pressure with the world watching. Serena explains that she is different because she is unique.

"I didn’t need to blend in. I needed to be different because I was different. I was something that no one had ever seen before."

Serena Williams' voiceover in the teaser

Earlier this week, the 42-year-old legend posted a cryptic tweet on X suggesting she was ready to hit tennis balls again. It instantly created a buzz on social media, with rumormongers quickly deciphering the message as a potential tennis comeback.

It's not the first time that Serena has teased a retirement U-turn. When she retired after the 2022 US Open, she despised using the word in of itself and referred to her farewell as "evolving" away from tennis. But given her busy schedule as a mother and a businesswoman, it is hard to imagine she will be gracing the courts again.


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