Swiatek's Psychologists Reveals 'What Kind Of Boss' Swiatek Is

Swiatek's Psychologists Reveals 'What Kind Of Boss' Swiatek Is

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek is fairly young, but even at her young age, she's a boss, having people work for her, and her psychologist, Daria Abramowicz, explained what kind of boss she is.

This relationship between Swiatek and her psychologist was heavily featured in the Netflix show Break Point, and one clip in particular went viral. It seemed like a tense moment between them, though Swiatek later revealed that it was simply portrayed that way due to the way the episode was cut.

It wasn't really that tense, and there wasn't any bad blood between them. In fact, they're on good terms and are still working together, as Swiatek credits her psychologist for preparing her to be the champion she is today.

Now, it was time for the psychologist to speak, as she was asked what kind of boss she was during an episode of Biznes Klasa. She stayed professional, but overall, she spoke very positively of her employer.

"Hmm..hard to answer this question. I'm bound by the professional secrecy also. But you know..she's definitely a person who deals well with all the challenges."

"And I also think being a good boss, being a good leader so to speak. It means being able to understand the value of the team and having the ability to surround yourself with competent and valuable people. This a very important quality."

Swiatek is indeed a consummate professional. There is a very high dose of seriousness around her tennis and career, and she doesn't really let up in that regard. That's something present across the board, so it's not a huge surprise that she's also taken being a boss very seriously.

After all, it's the standard that she set for herself, so obviously, she wants to follow it. It's also what brought her to the level she's at right now, and when something is working, why change it?


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