WATCH: Serena Williams Spotted Supporting Sister Venus On Her Comeback

WATCH: Serena Williams Spotted Supporting Sister Venus On Her Comeback

It's been a while since we last saw Serena Williams near a tennis court but she was spotted in 's-Hertogenbosch, supporting sister Venus Williams in her comeback.

Serena Williams is not an active part of the WTA Tour anymore but her sister Venus is. Despite not playing as much tennis as before Venus Williams is still adamant about playing and she made a comeback on Tuesday, June 13th at the 2023 Libema Open in Den Bosch.

The American teased the comeback for weeks on social media though it was unknown where it would happen. The choice fell on the Libema Open and it's just one of many events she will play. She will also take part in the Birmingham Classic as well as Wimbledon, but we won't see her in doubles unfortunately as that chapter finished when her sister retired.

The return was fairly solid as Williams won the opening set but ultimately she didn't have enough to win the match. It's not really unexpected as Williams understood that it will be pretty tough at the beginning of her comeback.

One person she could turn to in order for some tips is her sister Serena Williams who was in Den Bosch with her watching the match. The camera found the legendary player calmly observing the match hidden behind a cap.

Her presence didn't prove a good luck charm but it was great to see Serena on the Tour again. It remains to be seen whether she will follow her sister Venus throughout the comeback all the way to Wimbledon.

Seeing her at the event wouldn't be a huge surprise though her interests recently haven't really been tied to tennis. She opened a Youtube Channel, was present at the Formula One Grand Prix in Miami and made some moves in her business career.


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