'I Have To Earn It': Venus Williams Stays Humble Ahead Of Grass-Court Comeback

'I Have To Earn It': Venus Williams Stays Humble Ahead Of Grass-Court Comeback

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Venus Williams is set to make her comeback at the 2023 Libema Open which will kick off on Monday, June 12th.

The American has been out of action since her injury ahead of the Australian Open causing her to miss the first Grand Slam of the year. She missed the second Grand Slam of the year (Roland Garros) as well but if everything goes well, Williams will be in London for Wimbledon.

Her preparation for the event begins a few weeks before as she's set to make her appearance at the Libema Open. Williams teased her return on the grass in the weeks before it's going to officially happen so most fans are fully aware of it.

It's going to be interesting to see Williams back on a tennis court and on the WTA Tour, as she's looking to play only singles with her doubles career seemingly over. It's a pity because she might possibly win more matches in doubles than singles but she wants to have one last dance in singles. She spoke upon arrival admitting excitement about the chance to play once again.

No one is happier to be here than me. But obviously, I want to be here and do a good job. So I'm not just here to just be happy, I'm here to play some good tennis, hopefully, entertain the crowd, hopefully, do some good for myself too.

Venus Williams on her return

Despite being on the Tour for many years, Williams never played at the Libema Open. This will be her first time but just getting a chance to get out there and compete is what it's all about. She wants to win a few matches though it's not guaranteed as she's not been winning that much lately.

It's my first time here. And the first times are always special! I got out there, my feet dirty. The grass courts were great. I would love to win. But I think a lot of other players want to win, so I have to earn it.


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