Sabalenka Has No Regrets After Controversially Skipping Press Conferences

Sabalenka Has No Regrets After Controversially Skipping Press Conferences

Aryna Sabalenka has had an interesting Roland Garros this year with her off-court choices drawing particular interest.

The Belarusian clashed with a Ukranian journalist fairly early in the event explaining that the experience left her feeling unsafe. She then asked the event to hold a 'closed' press conference with only a selected few journalists which is what happened. Her next one didn't happen as she declined it altogether talking to a WTA reporter who carried over the quotes after the interview.

After her win over Svitolina, Sabalenka finally opted to talk to the media giving her thoughts on everything that unfolded. Some of her responses were again tied to the Ukrainian war and the no handshake between her and Svitolina but she also talked about the choice to skip press conferences.

It's not something she planned to do but as she respects the chance to talk to reporters and share her opinions but not on politics. She maintained that she's a tennis player and wants to talk about tennis which hasn't been the case lately. She also explained that she doesn't really regret the decision either.

No, I don't regret the decision. I felt really disrespected, and I felt really bad. I mean, Grand Slam, it's enough pressure to handle, and I just tried to focus on myself, on my game. I really hope that you guys will understand me, my feelings. You know that I really respect all of you, and I am always open. You can ask whatever you want. You will get all the information.

The decision to step away for a few days was to refocus on the important things which are tennis and it's been good for her. Her play on the court hasn't really suffered as she's in the semi-final waiting to see whether she can book another grand slam final.

But in the last press conference, I felt like my press conference became a political TV show, and I'm not an expert in politics. I'm just a tennis player. Yeah, I just need to step back and just bring focus on my tennis and on my game. Yeah, and I feel good that I did it and I feel sorry for you guys that you didn't have a chance to chat with me. But I'm here today, and I am ready to give answers for every question you hav.


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