Rybakina Refuses To Blame Health Struggles For Shocking French Open Exit

Rybakina Refuses To Blame Health Struggles For Shocking French Open Exit

by Zachary Wimer

Elena Rybakina has been dealing with many health issues recently, but she refused to blame her 2024 Roland Garros loss on them.

The Kazakhstani player played a match below her level in Paris, as she was stunned by Jasmine Paolini in the Roland Garros quarter-finals. Rybakina made many unforced errors and struggled to find her rhyming for much of the match.

She's had a lot of health issues leading up to Roland Garros, as this part of the year is generally a pretty tricky part of the season for her. She deals with allergies, and that plagued her this year as well, on top of sleeping issues.

Even so, she didn't really want to blame the loss on those struggles, though they likely contributed to her overall state of being, which obviously impacted her play.

"Well, I'm not going to go deep in this topic for sure, but l've been working a lot, and I think there is a lot of, as I say, ups and downs. It's always different, but as I always say, also, the schedule is not easy. At the end of the day everybody is trying to manage as best as possible."

"I think l've played a lot. As I said, if the body is on the limit, I can't go on the court. If I'm not 100% ready, then it's a risk to even get bigger injuries or something."

For Rybakina, the loss is painful, but it's part of tennis. It's a sport where players go up and down and she accepts that.

"For now it's been health with allergies, sleeping, so it's a little bit different from maybe last year when I had back problems. I heal. It's always ups and downs. It's tennis, so we’re just trying to find the best possible way for me to prepare and be ready for big events like Grand Slams and 1000 events."


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