Raducanu Reportedly Breaks Up With Billionaire Boyfriend Ahead Of Grass Season

Raducanu Reportedly Breaks Up With Billionaire Boyfriend Ahead Of Grass Season

by Nurein Ahmed

Emma Raducanu has reportedly split from her boyfriend Carlo Agostinelli, who is the son of a very wealthy businessman and prominent former banker.

As reported by various British tabloids, Raducanu's relationship with Agostinelli is said to have "run its course," with the former US Open champion seemingly removing her now ex-boyfriend from social media accounts.

The pair's love life became a hot topic in the past year when the first pictures of them walking intimately on the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week emerged. Despite Raducanu's best efforts to keep the relationship off the public eye, it became the worst-kept secret.

They would occasionally share a photo dump of their luxurious trips to South America and Greece when Raducanu was away from the tour due to injuries.

Carlo Agostinelli, who was born in Paris but lived in the USA and UK, is the son of London-based American billionaire Robert Agostinelli. He is 23 years old. His father is the chairman and co-founder of private equity firm Rhone Group and is estimated to have a net worth of $1 billion.

It is rumored that Raducanu's close connection with Dior, one of her biggest off-court sponsors, might have ignited the love affair. Carlo's mother has been the public relations manager of the French luxury fashion house, so the duo might have known each other from there.

Very recently, the 21-year-old opened up about how her own parents were against the idea of having a boyfriend while she was growing up so that she could focus on her career. Looking back, she is thankful for the experience.

Raducanu rejoined the tour at the start of 2024 and has struggled to make an impact. Last month, she withdrew from the French Open qualifying tour and returned to the UK to begin her preparations for Wimbledon. She is scheduled to play in Nottingham this week.


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