Raducanu Appears With Rumoured Boyfriend During Paris Fashion Week

Raducanu Appears With Rumoured Boyfriend During Paris Fashion Week

by Nurein Ahmed

British tennis star Emma Raducanu tends to keep her dating life as discreet as possible, but she may have let the cat out of the bag during the glamourous setting of Paris Fashion Week.

Raducaunu walked down the red carpet at Dior's fashion show arm in arm with Carlo Agostinelli, whom she is rumored to be dating for quite some time now. But while have never validated their apparent relationship neither verbally nor on social media.

But flaunting in tandem in front of the world where the photographers from every corner of the world capture every single detail of participants and attendees, could suggest Raducanu might have finally wanted to put everyone on notice.

Who is Carlo Agostinelli?

He is a 23-year-old son of London-based American billionaire Robert Agostinelli. A lot is known of Agostinelli Senior due to his reputation in the corporate world. He is the chairman and co-founder of private equity firm Rhone Group and has a billion-dollar net worth according to Forbes.

Carlo, 23, was born in Paris but split his education life in the UK and the USA. He is a former head boy at Harrow Public School and studied international relations at Stanford University in California where he made his name as a football stalwart. Carlo has Italian roots. His father, Robert, was born to Italian immigrants in Rochester, New York.

How Did Raducanu and Agostinelli Junior meet?

It is not known when or where Raducaunu and Carlo Agostinelli met for the first time, but there is a good chance that the Briton's connections to Dior might have kickstarted it all. Carlo's mother, Mathilde Favier, has been Dior's public relations manager for the last 12 years.

Earlier this year, Dior held their Cruise 2024 show in Mexico, where Carlo and Raducanu made the trip together. He snapped pictures of Raducanu and posted them on social media. Likewise, Raducanu did the same, igniting the fire that the two were actually an item.

Raducaunu was spotted celebrating her rumored boyfriend's 23rd birthday at Oswald's - an ostentatious private member's club in Mayfair, just a few months ago.

Have the pair confirmed their rumored relationship?

So far, Emma Raducanu and Carlo Agostinelli have not confirmed that they are dating. But social media buffs and UK tabloids have been all over this story to give it a capstone, and the latest hint of the pair's supposed relationship might have been confirmed at the Paris Fashion Week.


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