Osaka Opens Up About 'Fighting Thoughts That She Won't Be Good Mom' In Heartfelt Letter

Osaka Opens Up About 'Fighting Thoughts That She Won't Be Good Mom' In Heartfelt Letter

by Evita Mueller

Naomi Osaka became a mother recently, and now she has opened up about her feelings in an emotional letter.

Osaka has been quite open about her struggles with mental health, and anyone who has dealt with similar issues knows it's pretty tough. It's something that leads to a lot of self-doubt, which also happened to Osaka.

One way it manifested for her was whether she'd be a good mother. She made the revelation in a heartfelt letter she wrote and posted on social media. It talks about the uncertainty of life and how she doubted herself in many ways, including being a good mom.

Where has the time gone? I look back on my life and it feels like I'm rewinding an old vhs tape, it flashes by so quickly and suddenly I'm here in the present. I often try to retrace my steps to figure out how did I end up here,

Osaka begins her letter

Something I had to conquer recently is fighting the thought that I won't be a good mom. So many doubts raced through my head I had to swat them away like mosquitoes. Looking into Shai's eyes and holding her I always think, "wow this little person depends on me so much, I have to do better"

Osaka doubting herself as a mother

Osaka wrote a self-reflection letter as she turned 26. The tone changes as the letter goes on, and she talks about being grateful for everything she has.

Gratefulness reminds me to breathe and take in the little things (and the big ones). I'm so grateful to have another year and I'm so thankful to everyone that believes in me, love you and thank you

Osaka concludes her letter.

The letter doesn't mention tennis directly, but we know that she's making a comeback really soon. Fans are excited to see her down under as she had some of the best moments of her career there.


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