'Sad For Tennis That She Chose To Retire': Andy Murray On Serena Williams' Retirement

'Sad For Tennis That She Chose To Retire': Andy Murray On Serena Williams' Retirement

by Sebastian Dahlman

October is Black History Month, and Andy Murray spoke for Sky Sports about Serena Williams's impact on tennis.

You don't need to be a tennis expert to understand the sheer importance of what Serena Williams did for tennis. If you went through the current Top 100 WTA players, you'd find most of them naming Serena Williams as an idol or inspiration.

That's all you really need to understand what kind of impact she left on future players and many generations of players. The record books record so many of her most outstanding achievements, which will be admired for years to come.

It's pretty hard to summarise in a few sentences, but Andy Murray tried. He spoke to Sky Sports about Williams as we remember her impact during Black History Month, which is October.

The response to her retiring at the US Open, the atmosphere during her matches was incredible. You listen to all of the players talking about her and so many of the young up-and-coming female players talk about how much she inspired them to pick up a racket.

Murray on Serena Williams

Serena has been a huge part of all of their careers, that's how long she dominated for and how long she was on the tour for. It's obviously sad for tennis that she chose to retire but what an unbelievable career she had, and she did a lot for the sport, but she was a lot bigger than that. She inspired a lot of people across the world.

She is indeed greatly missed on the tennis courts, and her retirement was more than bittersweet for many of us, but such is time.

It passes and leaves no one behind. But we have modern technology to relieve some of her greatest moments, which so many fans already do.


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