Osaka Explains Why She Loves To Invest In Women's Sports

Osaka Explains Why She Loves To Invest In Women's Sports

by Zachary Wimer

Naomi Osaka has many things going on outside of her tennis career, one of which is her business career, which has heavily focused on women's sports.

Many athletes in modern times have turned to business in various ways to solidify their economic stability. The better an athlete, the more likely they are to earn a lot of money. That money can then be used to invest in all sorts of things, including other sports.

Players like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are only two of several former players who have heavily pivoted into business following their careers, and Osaka is following their examples.

She's been doing it for much of her career, and many of her investments are tied to women's sports in one way or another. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Osaka detailed why she loves to invest in women's sports and why she believes this trend will continue.

"I go toward what I believe in. Investing in women’s sports has always been a really big thing for me. Starting a production company — my dad’s always had cameras around, so story-telling was kind of natural. And knowing that no other female athlete has started a production company was shocking news."

Osaka embraces challenges. She doesn't shy away and likes to explore new avenues, which is evident in her approach to investing. That's why she went into women's sports, an emerging field that hasn't been well-established yet.

"I just try to do things that people haven’t done before and learn along the way, even if I stumble — that’s always been my mantra. Watching how big female sports have become over the years, investing in the North Carolina Courage wasn’t that difficult a decision."

"I also just love watching soccer. Pickleball was the unknown for me. It’s been around, but it feels like it just blew up. Learning about it and seeing Lebron [James] invest in it is something that leaned me more toward thinking it was a good idea."


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