'Not Prepared For That': Swiatek Surprised To Find Out About Video Review At US Open

'Not Prepared For That': Swiatek Surprised To Find Out About Video Review At US Open

by Nurein Ahmed

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek was unaware of the latest development expected to happen at the 2023 US Open, pertainintng to electronic line calling.

Last month, the USTA announced that this year's US Open will have video review technology available for use, with no fewer than five courts getting full access. The system in place is expected to help chair umpires in making conclusive decisions related to disputed calls and certain other rulings.

The move has certainly generated positive feedback in a technology-driven era which will also see the tournament emulate Wimbledon in introducing AI-powered commentary across its official website and the official US Open app.

But speaking to the media in her pre-tournament presser, it appears that Polish star Swiatek was not up to date with the latest news regarding the use of Video Review technology. Swiatek, however, lauded that historic step taken by the US Open, which she believes is going to give chair umpires clear judgment in making calls upon reviewing replays.

"The what? You mean, like in football, the VAR, yeah? It's going to be in this tournament? I'm not prepared for that. I didn't know (laughing). Well, I got to see how the system works. I don't know. I don't know. Ask me after my first match maybe. For sure we need that. I got my thoughts together(smiling)."

"For sure we need that in tennis because there are many important points that can really change the momentum. Sometimes the decisions that the umpire takes, everything is going so fast that sometimes it would be nice for them to have a replay and to exactly see what happened."

Swiatek added that the technology is certainly going to be good for the game, as it can help players to relax knowing full well that decisions are within the spectrum of tennis values of upholding integrity and fairness. The Pole explained how contentious issues such as the one at the Hungarian Open could have easily been solved by the use of technology.

"We could see what happened in Budapest. Yeah, it's not easy for players to kind of accept that sometimes these decisions may be unfair. I think it will help a lot for the game to become, yeah, more fair. Other sports are developing in that matter, so tennis should as well."


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