'Many Of Us Have Short Memory': Swiatek Highlights Ongoing War In Ukraine

'Many Of Us Have Short Memory': Swiatek Highlights Ongoing War In Ukraine

Iga Swiatek has championed the Ukrainian cause ever since Russia launched an invasion of the country and she spoke more about the topic ahead of the 2023 Canadian Open.

The Polish player plays with a small pin in her hat that has the Ukrainian flag on it, something she plans on doing until the war stops despite the backlash she's received for it. She also took part in every charity benefitting Ukraine including one staged by herself in Poland.

It's always been something on her mind, in part due to Poland and Ukraine sharing a border. Seeing a full-scale war so close to home impacted Swiatek greatly as she once again used the chance to talk about it in Montreal.

She was asked about Elina Svitolina and her recent efforts, efforts that included a win over Swiatek at Wimbledon. The number one had only great things to say for Svitolina who was present for Swiatek's Ukraine charity in Poland.

 Well, I think it's great because she represents, I think, the good values, and it's not easy for Ukrainian players to play, so the fact that she's doing that, and especially, after becoming a mother and coming back so quickly is just, huge respect from my side.

And I'm happy that there's such a person, again, representing good values and showing people that the war is still happening, because many of us have kind of short memory and media a little bit as well.

Svitolina's efforts have garnered praise from many people though most of those have been tied to her tennis. Swiatek was quick to point out what she's been doing for the country on top of her tennis heroics lately.

So, it's always nice to have somebody who's remembering and reminding people about the important things and Elena is doing that. I know it's a tricky topic overall in tennis. But she's kind of staying in what she believes in and she's really kind of putting action also where many people or players are only saying stuff. So that's great.


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