Kostyuk Explains Why She Chooses 'Glory To Ukraine' Greeting

Kostyuk Explains Why She Chooses 'Glory To Ukraine' Greeting

by Zachary Wimer

Marta Kostyuk ended her 2024 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix runner-up speech with 'Slava Ukraini,' which means 'Glory to Ukraine,' and she explained what it symbolized after the match.

'Slava Ukraini' is a common saying in Ukraine, but it became known worldwide after 2021 when the country was invaded by Russia. It's a show of support for Ukrainians but also, beyond that, just a patriotic expression.

Kostyuk is a patriot who has been using her platform heavily to promote the Ukrainian cause. She certainly didn't waste an opportunity to send some good wishes back home during her runner-up speech at the WTA 500 tournament in Stuttgart, where she lost to Elena Rybakina.

During her press conference after the final match in the German city, the reporters asked Kostyuk about the statement, and she gave them a pretty thorough explanation.

"It's a saying we say in Ukraine. This is "Glory to Ukraine." People reply, "Glory to heroes." I used to say it before, as well, but it became more mainstream when the war began. We're in Monaco, for example, there are a lot of Russians, of course, and Ukrainian people, and if I see someone that I think is Ukrainian, I say, "Slava Ukraini!" If they don't reply, I definitely know that they are Russians."

Kostyuk explains Slava Ukraini

According to Kostyuk's words, it's a phrase that has been around for a long time but became much more known after the war in her home country broke out. It's become a rallying cry for all those supporting the Ukrainian cause, whether they're Ukrainian or not.

She's been a vocal supporter of her country, and she'll keep using it whenever she can. The most recent case was in Stuttgart, but it wouldn't be really surprising if Kostyuk's other speeches included it as well.


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