Djokovic 'Has Very Good Vibe With Everyone In Locker Room' According To Coria

Djokovic 'Has Very Good Vibe With Everyone In Locker Room' According To Coria

by Zachary Wimer

Argentinian tennis player Federico Coria mentioned Novak Djokovic in a recent interview, admitting that the Serbian gets along well with his fellow colleagues.

Tennis fans know a lot about their players, but most don't know what happens in the locker room. The Netflix show Break Point showed some of that, but in general, we don't know what goes on between players in the locker room.

Some stories get leaked while others are told by players themselves, and Coria mentioned that recently. The Argentinian has been competing on the ATP Tour for many years, and he talked about Djokovic and how well he gets along with everybody, but not just the 24-time major winner.

"I think he saw a video where I say he was my favorite player. We play in Serbia in 2021 and after the match I ask him for a photo. A round trip of good vibes began. He also has a very good vibe with everyone in the privacy of the locker room. He is very attentive."

Coria to CLAY on Djokovic

Coria obviously mentioned other players as well, noting that all of them are very nice in the locker room, but Djokovic is his favorite player, so he was obviously a bit biased toward him.

The Tour gets along well, even though there are still some minor rivalries. In general, Coria had nothing but respectful encounters with most top players.

I don't want to leave out the other top players. Nadal, Alcaraz, all the top. Rublev is a master, Zverev. I can't say anything bad about any of the guys I share a locker room with. Everyone greets and is very respectful. Obviously Djokovic is the best player in history and he is highlighted more. But the truth is that I think the circuit is quite healthy in that way.

Coria on the Tour


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