Kerber Discusses Being Mother On Tour And What Is A 'Big Honour' For Her

Kerber Discusses Being Mother On Tour And What Is A 'Big Honour' For Her

by Jordan Reynolds

Angelique Kerber has given some interesting insights about her return to tennis in a recent interview.

The three-time Grand Slam champion came back to the sport at the start of the year after being away on maternity leave. Kerber is now 36 years old, and some were unsure how successful her return would be.

However, the German showed at the Indian Wells Open that she still has a lot to give to the sport. After getting her first WTA 1000 win in two years, she made it all the way to the fourth round before eventually being eliminated.

That defeat in Indian Wells came against Caroline Wozniacki, who is another mother who made a comeback to the sport. Unfortunately, Wozniacki had to retire from her recent Billie Jean King Cup match due to not feeling well.

In an interview with her long-time partner Porsche, she discussed what it is like traveling the world with her daughter Liana, mentioning how flexible players with children have to be on the Tour.

"I’m so grateful that she copes so well with the flights, time changes and the climate. She just gets on with it all. As a mother on tour, you have to be very flexible and spontaneous as you can’t plan everything weeks in advance. You can only take things day by day and you have to keep reorganising everything.”

Kerber also mentioned that her love for tennis was what brought her back. Yet, she was also clear that the days of putting pressure on herself are now over.

"I don’t put myself under pressure anymore. I love tennis. My heart is in the game. I love the feeling of standing on court and taking in the fans’ emotions. It gives me strength which is why I’ve come back. But what people expect of me no longer interests me."

Kerber is set to represent her country at the Billie Jean King Cup this week in Brazil. This is something that she still finds to be a huge honor after so many years of playing the sport.

"I’m looking forward to returning to the team and playing for Germany. For me, it’s a big honour. We’re facing a tough task against Brazil. But I hope I can help the team with my experience, both on and off the court.”


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