'Super Happy' Kenin Opens Up About 'Tough' Injury Recovery

'Super Happy' Kenin Opens Up About 'Tough' Injury Recovery

by Zachary Wimer

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Sofia Kenin is finally back to winning matches regularly and she's quite happy with how things went although they weren't easy.

Coming back from injuries is never easy but it was particularly tough for Kenin who struggled along the way. It took her a long time to finally start playing well but she's there now with wins in most of the recent events that she played.

It's tough when you're just on the couch and you got a Grade-3 tear in the ankles. So, watching everyone compete, of course you wanna be there and coming back was obviously tough.

Kenin is a Grand Slam champion who won the Australian Open a few years ago and made the Roland Garros final as well. She's certainly capable of getting back there again but she's not playing at that level right now. Slowly but surely she hopes to return to her best which is worthy of a Top 10 spot. For now, she's happy with things are going.

But I was just used to playing around. Not really training obviously. So, it was tough, but I'm really good and I'm super happy.

She also touched upon the injury and how the support of her family helped her through the tough time. She also mentioned her dogs as a special kind of support she received which also helped her stay upbeat during her recovery.

It was obviously unfortunate [the injury], but managed to somehow have the people around me, my family, mom, dad, grandma and sisters. Dogs, I obviously count them and my friends supporting me. So, definitely you needed that and there were some bad day.

And finally, she spoke about her tennis and her team which is helping her along the way.

I feel like I'm playing really good and healthy no. 1 which is good and I've got dad and I've got [Michael] Joyce (coach). So, I'm super happy and I feel confident on court trying to develop different aspects of my game. And yeah, it's been working out. So far, so good, can't complain.


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