Jabeur Admits To Having 'Panic Attack' Ahead Of Heartbreaking Wimbledon Loss

Jabeur Admits To Having 'Panic Attack' Ahead Of Heartbreaking Wimbledon Loss

by Zachary Wimer

Ons Jabeur has had a pretty good career, much better than anybody thought she would have had, but it comes at a price.

Being a tennis player is very hard, and being one of the best in the world is even harder. The amount of sacrifice that goes into that is not really palpable to the average person, which is why it's nice to hear players open up.

We know they're not robots, and Ons Jabeur opened up quite a bit in her documentary. The 90-minute documentary does a wonderful job of portraying Ons Jabeur as the person and not the tennis player, even if the two are intrinsically linked.

She talked about very private matters and admitted to some, at the very least, surprising things. One of those was about the infamous Wimbledon final, which will be something she will never forget.

Heavily favored against Marketa Vondrousva, Jabeur wasn't that confident about herself. In the documentary, she admitted to suffering a panic attack on the day of the final as she was preparing for the match, as reported by The National.

"The day of the final, doing my routine with Melanie [Maillard, my psychologist], I told her, I’m too stressed, I can’t, this is too much, maybe I can say I was having a panic attack."

She certainly didn't look comfortable on the court as Vondrousva completed a sensational run that nobody saw coming. She's not known as a good grass player, so Jabeur suffered yet another heartbreak at SW19.

One year earlier, Jabeur stood in another final and looked quite close to winning it. She was one set away but crumbled towards the end. It's a dream that keeps eluding her, but she's going to keep fighting for it.

Winning it would mean a lot to her and so many people, and that's why she faces so much pressure, that seems to be getting to her again and again.


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