'It's All About To Click': Osaka Positive After Madrid Open Exit

'It's All About To Click': Osaka Positive After Madrid Open Exit

by Zachary Wimer

Naomi Osaka had a 'deep' moment after the Madrid Open, admitting that she felt things would click for her.

Osaka has been playing on clay for two weeks, and it's gone about how many expected it to go. It wasn't terrible, as she actually won a match, but it wasn't brilliant either, as she lost two of three matches.

Overall, though, the Japanese player is keeping her spirits high, which is great to see. We haven't seen Osaka so upbeat about tennis in a very long time, and if this comeback is ever to succeed, then it has to come from a burning passion.

So far, she's shown it this week, even though the results haven't been that spectacular. After her most recent exit in Madrid, Osaka shared a note on social media which was quite deep.

"How bold of me to assume I'll live long enough to fade away. After all, nothing in life is promised. Everyday and every breath is a blessing, it should be viewed as such. How bold of me to assume tomorrow is promised, to find joy and happiness in all moments of life is true wealth."

Osaka's thoughts on X

She also added a really positive description to that post, admitting that she feels things will finally click for her. It's good to see her being so confident because she has to. It will never work out unless she believes it will.

"Ngl guys I think I’m on to something. It’s all about to click, I feel it in the air."

Another X post

Next, she has the Italian Open coming up, and not long after that, she'll be in Paris for Roland Garros. Then it's a quick grass season and the Olympic Games, where the former world no. 1 wants to compete to represent her country.


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