Nadal Aims To Play Doubles Event With Alcaraz Before Olympics, But When?

Nadal Aims To Play Doubles Event With Alcaraz Before Olympics, But When?

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal intends to play doubles with Carlos Alcaraz at the Paris Olympics, which is great news for all the fans.

A lot about Nadal's future is uncertain. We don't really know how long he'll play or what events he'll play because, at any point, he could suffer a setback from an injury, and that would almost end his career.

For obvious reasons, he plans to play at the Paris Olympics and play doubles with Alcaraz at the event. Both are great clay players and could have a good chance in the doubles if they can find their best tennis.

It's something of a dream for Alcaraz, and Nadal would be quite excited by the prospect as well. Winning medals for their country would just be the cherry on top, and the experienced Spaniard talked about it after his opening-round win at the 2024 Madrid Open.

"No, he doesn't have to ask me anything. It's also hugely exciting for me. If I'm not mistaken, it is for him, too. It would be amazing to play a tournament together before the Olympics. To prepare ourselves and get some rapport on court. I think if we're both fit enough, why not?"

There are a few clay events before the Olympic Games, but there doesn't seem to be really one for which they could team up. The Roland Garros doesn't seem to be likely, and neither does the Italian Open in Rome, or Wimbledon, so it's an interesting claim from the 22-time major winner.

"We could have the chance to form a great team and aspire to great things. It'd be good for both of us. I think it'd also be good for the Spanish team. We'll see how things progress."

"I hope to be good enough to be a good partner for him, I'm sure he will be for me. We'll see where that takes us. I also hope to be able to work together a bit first."


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