'It Was Significant Surgery': Kyrgios Provides Another Update On Recovery

'It Was Significant Surgery': Kyrgios Provides Another Update On Recovery

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios is still recovering from his surgery, and he's taking it day by day, according to his most recent injury update.

Kyrgios should return to tennis sometime this year; that much is certain. When exactly? That's a question he doesn't even have an answer to right now. There is just a lot of uncertainty because he's not really operating on a deadline.

He simply takes it day by day and sees how he feels, as his surgery was quite complicated. That's been the case ever since his rehabilitation started. The most recent update confirmed that approach, as he told UTS in an e-mail.

Kyrgios was announced as part of the 2024 New York Ultimate Tennis Showdown event, which will be held in the days before the US Open.

"I’m feeling great but taking it one day at a time. It was a pretty significant surgery so we will see how it goes."

Kyrgios provides update to UTS

The UTS event will be played in August, so it seems like Kyrgios is pretty certain that he will be back on the courts by then. Obviously, he wouldn't want to miss the grass season and Wimbledon, so he should be back even before the US Open stretch.

Kyrgios signing up for the UTS shouldn't be a huge surprise. He's a pretty big fan of the competition and the format, and as he said, he's box office.

"I’m box office. Simple as that. UTS is the future for sure. Unbelievable experience in LA. Patrick (Mouratoglou) has it down."

Kyrgios on the UTS

Quick and short matches, what's not to like when it comes to how Kyrgios operates on a tennis court? In any case, that's the only event he's been confirmed at so far, so time will tell how things will unfold in the coming weeks.


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