'I Would Do The Same': Sabalenka Reacts To Swiatek's Crying Video At Roland Garros

'I Would Do The Same': Sabalenka Reacts To Swiatek's Crying Video At Roland Garros

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka backed her colleague Iga Swiatek, who cried after her win over Naomi Osaka at the 2024 Roland Garros, admitting that she would have also cried after such a match.

The Pole had a tough match against Osaka. She survived some incredible pressure from the former world no. 1, who was playing her best match in a really long time.

The current world no. 1 player turned the match around, saving a match point in the process, and it was just a hugely emotional experience for her. After the match, cameras captured Swiatek crying in the locker room.

She then explained why she cried, and her Belarusian rival was also asked about it, saying she didn't see anything strange about it. In fact, she admitted that she would have done the same, which makes sense.

Sabalenka's match against Swiatek recently at the Madrid Open was crazy, so she knows what it feels like. Who knows, maybe even she cried after that meeting because it cost her the trophy, and she had a match point in it as well.

"I just saw a little clip of her crying, and I totally get it. It was very tough match. It was really close to lose that match. I guess she was just throwing out all those -- not negative -- but all the tension out. I think I would do actually the same."

Sabalenka on Swiatek

Sabalenka then turned to talk about pressure, which is tremendous. Many don't realize just how much pressure tennis players have to face because, in the end, they're all alone out there on the court with the whole world watching.

"Yeah, there is a lot of pressure in tennis, but only if you focus in on that pressure. I think, like me personally, I'm just trying to focus on myself and getting better as the player and on bringing my best tennis every time I'm playing."


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