Home Soil Dominance: Gauff Ends 2023 Season With Most Wins In USA

Home Soil Dominance: Gauff Ends 2023 Season With Most Wins In USA

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff finished the 2023 campaign as the highest-ranked US player, and she also collected the most wins on the home soil in the United States.

Players from the United States have left a really deep mark on tennis, and while their players won worldwide, playing at home has always been a strong suit for most of them.

When the Tour shifts to US soil, a lot of them, not just the best ones, start to play much better. It's normal to an extent because most of these players just feel really comfortable at home and are familiar with the setting.

The mental part of any sport is hugely important, especially in tennis, where comfort level can have a huge impact on performance. With all that said, it isn't surprising that Gauff, as an American player, did really well on US soil.

She wasn't the only American player paying well on home soil, but she has to be singled out as the highest-ranked player from that country and also the player with the most victories on the home ground.

Let's look at some of her numbers, most of which came in the year's second half. She totaled 20 wins on US soil, which ranks first among all players. She won three titles on US soil, most of which came during the US Open run.

She finished with a 75.4 % winning percentage on US soil, which is a superb mark, and she won 89 % of the tie-breaks she played in 2023. The numbers are flat-out impressive; there is no question about it, and it bodes well for her future.

There are several big events in the USA every year, such as the Indian Wells Masters, the Miami Masters, the Cincinnati Masters, the US Open, and several other smaller events. If she keeps this up, she'll win plenty of trophies in the coming year, much like she won this year (Cincinnati, Washington, US Open).


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