'We Should Have Separate Tours': Fritz Supports New Idea Of 'Premium Tour'

'We Should Have Separate Tours': Fritz Supports New Idea Of 'Premium Tour'

by Evita Mueller

Tennis is at an interesting stage because we hear more and more talk about reforming the sport, which Taylor Fritz would favor.

Tennis functions pretty well overall, but things could still be better. Some argue that reforming it in a specific way would be more beneficial and create interest, which is the point of any sport.

The more interest there is, the better it is for everybody involved. One interesting idea that's been floated was reforming the top flight of the sport and making it more exclusive.

Some have even suggested a 14-tournament season reserved for only the best of the best, akin to the Formula One season. It's nowhere near happening, according to Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley, who is part of this discussion, and that's a good thing.

Such a move would be very tough to implement, and Tiley isn't one for rushing things, as he revealed in a talk with The Age.

The premium tour for the future of the sport has been on the table for quite a few years, and getting the sport motivated and activated to look at it more openly is something that is continuing to happen, which is exciting. I think there’s a lot of work that’s got to be done, [and] a lot of parties have got to come together, but there is a big opportunity for the sport of tennis to deliver a product in a more co-ordinated, premium way.

Taylor Fritz is a player who is very in favor of such a Premium Tour. The American has been quite outspoken about his views in the past, so his support of something like that makes sense.

After all, he's part of that group of players who would benefit most from this.

It’s a really good idea, and I think that we should have separate tours. If you’re on the main, top tour, you should be set to play all the big events, and they should all be slightly bigger-draw events to get basically everybody in the top 100 in, and I think that’s honestly all we should play.

You can have 14 marquee events, and it makes tennis easy to follow for fans because all you have to pay attention to is those tournaments. There’s no people getting tons of points in between events, at like 250s and 500s [level], and more than anything, there’s no crazy schedule for us players.

What do you think of the idea? Would something like a Premium Tour be good for tennis or not? Let us know below.

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