'Embarrasment': Swiatek's Coach Slams WTA Finals Fiasco

'Embarrasment': Swiatek's Coach Slams WTA Finals Fiasco

by Evita Mueller

Tomasz Wiktorowski is the coach of Iga Swiatek, and he wasn't impressed with the way the WTA Finals went despite his player winning the event.

The 2023 WTA Finals were probably the worst in recent years due to the weather and the logistical side, which you could guess would be a nightmare considering how the WTA handled it from the start.

It was pretty hard topping last year's disaster, which was well organized but had no attendance. There was some attendance this year, but also hurricane weather with winds and plenty of rain.

Play was stopped every day, with many players struggling to find any kind of rhythm. Swiatek was the best among those largely because she wasn't bothered by the conditions.

She handled them pretty well, which she recognized after the event, but the weather wasn't the only problem. The whole process was rushed as the venue wasn't ready a few days before the event, and the whole nomination process was a fiasco in itself. Wiktorowski didn't hold back in his criticism.

In terms of tourism, I see great potential of this place. And maybe one day I will go to Mexico to learn more about the history of this civilization. However, I hope that I will never have to fly there again for business and tennis purposes. It was an embarrassment in terms of the decision-making process and organization of the tournament.

Many have been disappointed by the WTA in recent years. Players have spoken up about it, and Wiktorowski agrees with most of them. The organization hasn't been functioning efficiently for a while now, and it's pretty inexcusable.

I am very disappointed with the way the WTA has been functioning recently and I am starting to believe that tennis players should unite to speak about the most important issues to them with one voice.


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