Rybakina Slams 'Weak WTA Leadership' After 'Unprofessional' Late Finish In Montreal

Rybakina Slams 'Weak WTA Leadership' After 'Unprofessional' Late Finish In Montreal

by Evita Mueller

Elena Rybakina wasn't particularly happy with the way her scheduling was done at the 2023 Canadian Open in Montreal, ripping into the WTA following her exit.

This is not the first scheduling controversy we have had this year, and unfortunately for Rybakina, it's not the first one she's endured, either. Rain plagued the Italian Open in Rome very similarly to what we had in Montreal, and Rybakina was the impacted player there too.

While it helped her actually win the event, it was still a tough thing to endure physically, and after going through it again in Montreal, she's had enough. Her match against Kasatkina finished at 3 am local time, and she hopes that was the last time that would happen as she revealed following her loss to Liudmila Samsonova.

yeah, it's the first time when the match went I think that long, and we finished also so late. It's the first time and hopefully the last time because I think it's been a little bit unprofessional from the -- I cannot say really the tournament because I think that the most important is the WTA here.

Leadership a little bit weak for now, but hopefully something is going to change because this year it was many situations which I cannot really understand.

WTA's leadership catching strays isn't anything new, as we saw plenty of criticism for various things in the past, for example, in the case of Peng Shuai. It's an unfortunate situation because nobody looks good, but the players are the ones that face the biggest consequences. Rybakina herself demonstrated what it looked like after the match.

Well, we finished at 3. Well, I showered, did some stretching a little bit, went back to the hotel. I think I fell asleep at 5. Yeah, I mean, I woke up at 10, and then it was impossible to sleep. So, yeah, it definitely was not enough time to recover. The worst thing is that it's not about this tournament. It's going to be not easy to recover for the next two weeks.


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