How Rainy Weather Helped Rybakina Clinch Italian Open Title

How Rainy Weather Helped Rybakina Clinch Italian Open Title

by Kadir Macar

The 2023 Italian Open was hit with rather atypical weather patterns as heavy rain troubled the country and delayed play for many days.

The Italian Open is generally a really dry event with quite warm weather that allows for tennis to be played untroubled. That wasn't the case this year as the event was hit with a lot of rain delaying play on most days in the previous fortnight.

Elena Rybakina was one of those players that actually benefitted from that, especially in her match with Ostapenko as it cut short the momentum Ostapenko built allowing Rybakina to win the match and advance. It also helped her generally as she doesn't really enjoy the general conditions in Rome which are quite warm and bothers her with her allergies.

Actually, it's really good for me, this rain, because usually, I suffer a lot here in Rome. Usually, it's quite hot here. In this case I also was lucky. When I was coming, I didn't have any expectations because usually it's really tough for me to even like practice, not even playing matches.

It's unlikely we see this kind of weather in the future though Rybakina certainly wouldn't mind as she didn't have to deal with her allergies and cooler weather generally suits her better. It's been generally a very lucky week for Rybakina as she advanced in three matches due to retirements from her opponents. As she phrased it following the final a lot of things went her way.

For sure this was like weather good for me. I don't know how it's going to be the next years. As I said, I think the two weeks a lot of things went my way.

Now it's time to back up these recent performances where it counts the most - Roland Garros.


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