Wimbledon Drowning In Controversial Scheduling Decisions Amid Rainy Weather

Wimbledon Drowning In Controversial Scheduling Decisions Amid Rainy Weather

by Evita Mueller

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Scheduling has been an issue this year at multiple events and Wimbledon is not escaping controversy after their own questionable choices.

There has been a lot of talk in tennis circles this year after some questionable scheduling choices were made at several events. Roland Garros didn't escape it and neither did the Italian Open. Madrid Open dealt with that controversy for a few years after enforcing several hours between the semi-final matches only to fix it this year.

Wimbledon has now been catching a lot of controversy for their scheduling of the 3rd day of the event. The second day's schedule was completely butchered by rain as 28 matches were cancelled rather early in the day. Even more, were cancelled later that day with over 60 round one matches remaining to be played as of noon local time.

Rain returned on Wednesday delaying play once more. Eventually, players started playing on the outer courts but the programme was once again stopped by a brief shower which was expected to last less than 30 minutes.

The problem that many fans had was the fact that the courts with a roof (Centre and No 1) didn't start playing at the same time as the other courts because the organizers opted to keep them under the roof and wait for the shower to pass so they could open it and then start play without having to wait for it to open later on.

It left fans confused as to why the play didn't simply start under the roofs which could have been opened between the matches if the weather cleared. The event doesn't exactly have an excess of time considering that a lot of players will be stripped of the rest day compared to others which isn't exactly fair.

Court 1 will be delayed too despite the roof because… they don’t want to keep the he roof on? « Once the rain has passed, the roof will be opened and players will be called ». I don’t understand.

Journalist Carole Bouchard on the decision

Fellow journalist Jose Morgado wasn't impressed with the decision calling it stupid.

Well, now this is just stupid. You guys have 69 round 1 matches to finish mid Wednesday.

Jose Morgado

Stan Wawrinka reacted to the news by simply posting laughing and facepalm emojis.


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