Halep Shares Gratitude For How Tennis Legend Evert Supported Her During Doping Ban Saga

Halep Shares Gratitude For How Tennis Legend Evert Supported Her During Doping Ban Saga

by Zachary Wimer

Simona Halep endured a tough time during her doping ban, and one of her biggest supporters was former WTA legend Chris Evert.

Evert is a huge admirer of Halep and considers her a friend. The American has spoken very fondly about the Romanian over the years, always putting her at the top of women's tennis.

The doping saga shocked Evert, but she never really believed that Halep doped intentionally. Like the former coach of the former world no. 1 from Romania, Brad Gilbert, Evert was one of her most vocal supporters during that time, often shutting down notions that Halep might have doped intentionally.

That support meant a lot to Halep because not everyone was so quick to defend her. Most people remained silent, waiting to know more information, so having such a respected name put her reputation on the line by defending her is something Halep respects tremendously.

"Yes, a very special lady, Chris Evert. She was messaging me so much and also publicly she was supporting me. Before CAS, she sent me a message, after, she sent me a message."

Halep on Evert's support for her during the doping ban to Tennis Channel

Evert has a good relationship with several players, including Ajla Tomljanovic, and she's been quite supportive of those close to her, and that's something that Halep finds really commendable about the American.

"She's a wonderful lady and of course, I want to thank her because she knows how to support someone that is in trouble, and that means a lot about a person."

It's certainly great to see relationships like that in tennis, especially in times when both of them fought the biggest battles of their lives. On top of that, former legend showed support to current player, who she never faced on the tennis court, but admired for her actions.


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