'Going Through Life Together': Osaka Excited About Motherhood

'Going Through Life Together': Osaka Excited About Motherhood

by Balasz Virag

Naomi Osaka is officially a mother after giving birth to her first child recently, and she recently spoke about her expectations.

Osaka surprised many by announcing her pregnancy earlier this year. Fans had mixed reactions as some were happy, but a lot of them didn't understand it, especially for a player who, as it is, didn't play all that much tennis on the WTA Tour lately.

The Japanese player spoke to Vogue recently, opening up about the way she designed the nursery for the baby as well as becoming a mother, which she did recently. She's always been deeply interested in aesthetics, so this was an exciting proposition for her.

I just know that I really wanted a peaceful nursery. And I wanted somewhere the baby could get adjusted to as well, when she’s a little bit older. Not just in the infant stage. That was my main focus. I tried to be colorful, but not overstimulating.

Being a mom was always something Osaka thought about and now she's going to get a chance to truly do it. She's very excited about it, especially about the chance to go through live together with her child, it's something she's looking forward to.

I think what’s most exciting for me is just growing together. Going through life together. I just remember him (her father) saying ‘patience is very important.’ That’s stuck with me.

When it comes to her tennis, Osaka is likely to return next year at the 2024 Australian Open, and she's looking forward to returning to competing. She admitted in the interview that she didn't follow as much because she generally doesn't when she's not playing.

I’m excited to have the opportunity [to play] again. I’ve been playing tennis since I was three, and I think it’s one of those things where I needed to take a step back to appreciate it more. I also just really want to see fans again. During COVID, the distance hit me really hard.


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