'Very Unlucky': Medvedev On Nearly Being Disqualified At Wimbledon

'Very Unlucky': Medvedev On Nearly Being Disqualified At Wimbledon

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Daniil Medvedev played a fabulous event to advance to his maiden Wimbledon semi-final, but he was almost disqualified after hitting a camera operator.

The match Medvedev played to take down a spectacular Christopher Eubanks was a great one, but it wasn't one without controversy. The Russian admitted recently that he hopes to leave a positive legacy as opposed to that of a ranting player on the court though he didn't quite live up to that in this match.

He was playing amazingly, but the Russian hit a camera operator with a soft slice after the point ended. It wasn't on purpose, even though we've seen players get disqualified for something like that as it happened outside of an active rally.

Medvedev only got a code violation, one he protested, but after the match the Russian was a bit calmer but he still claimed that it was purely accidental. In fact, no one was disputing that it was accidental, but so was the default of Miyu Kato at Roland Garros or that most famous one - Novak Djokovic.

Yeah, so what happened, I for sure started losing, a little bit frustrated. There were some balls, I almost was there, I saw was not there, so I was trying to lean, and the ball went in the crowd. I was like, The referee is probably going to start talking to me. He didn't.

The last one where I got a code, I didn't want to do what happened to the ball because it was actually a little bit dangerous. I wanted to kind of chip it so it goes over the net, and it dropped, it didn't bounce as it should be, so the ball was going like this. I was like, Oh, my God.

Ultimately nothing major happened as the match continued, and Medvedev won, but he could have been in some trouble after that. Some were still surprised that he kept arguing that the code violation was undeserving. The rules are well-defined, but the interpretation can differ.

That was very unlucky. But at the end nothing happened, so that's why I was actually surprised about the code. I can understand if something would happen. I don't know. But finally nothing happened, so you cannot normally give me a code.

We had a chat with the umpire afterwards. I think we were both wrong. I was wrong with my emotions. He was maybe in something else, but that's a question to him. Yeah, in general was a little bit unlucky situation where nothing happened, so we move on.


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