Gauff Not Worried About Fatigue From Playing Doubles: 'If I'm Tired, I'll Pull Out'

Gauff Not Worried About Fatigue From Playing Doubles: 'If I'm Tired, I'll Pull Out'

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is not worried about the workload of playing doubles in Indian Wells, as she knows she'll always prioritize the singles.

For much of her career, Gauff played both singles and doubles. The American hasn't done it as much this year, as the 2024 Indian Wells is actually the first event where she's played doubles on top of the singles.

She made the decision to focus more on her singles career, which makes perfect sense because it is far more rewarding for her as a player. She didn't completely shut down the option to play doubles but confirmed that she's going to play way less than before.

We've seen that in practice this year as she teamed up with Jessica Pegula only for the WTA 1000 event in Indian Wells. So far, it's gone well, as she's in the draw in both singles and doubles, but she'll prioritize the singles if she gets too tired.

"No, not really. We practice twice a day, and if it comes to a point where I'm tired, obviously singles is going to be the priority and I'll pull out."

"But, you know, with the two-week, almost two-week format in the 1000s, it's not really a concern, playing two twice-a-days is not really that difficult right now for me. If we win, we play tomorrow, and honestly, a doubles match is less physical, to be honest, than some of my practices I do at home."

As Gauff mentioned, the extended format is certainly beneficial for situations like these. It's also very good practice for her because she's expected to play both singles and doubles at the Olympic Games, which are coming up in a few months.

She'll likely play mixed doubles as well so getting used to playing a lot of matches in a short period of time is overall good for her.


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