Gauff Addresses Possibility Of ATP & WTA Merger With Prize Money Increase In Mind

Gauff Addresses Possibility Of ATP & WTA Merger With Prize Money Increase In Mind

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff would support a merger of the ATP and WTA because she believes it would help the WTA Tour.

There has been some chatter about a potential ATP and WTA merger because the Tours seems quite split on many things. The ATP is the more successful side when it comes to the financial side, but a potential merger could create a new powerhouse that could push the sport forward.

Having one singular and united direction could certainly help, but as Novak Djokovic pointed out when asked about it, there are a lot of things making it quite difficult. As for Gauff, she's in favor of the move because it would benefit women in the sport, and she talked about it at the 2024 Australian Open.

"Yeah, I definitely think it would help women, especially the women's side of the game. I find that when I'm at combined events I just feel like the energy amongst the crowd is better. For most of the events it's equal prize money when they're combined.Yeah, definitely will help our side of the game."

The merger would be quite complicated because there are some opposing views. The Tours have butted heads before on handling of different situations. Gauff is in favour of the merger, and she certainly wouldn't be the only one.

She's probably not in the minority either but some have shown apprehension about it. For years, the Tours have functioned separately, but there are still many tournaments where male and female players meet.

" Yeah, and I just feel like I generally enjoy when both men and women are at the same tournaments just because I have also friends on the guys' side."

"Not even money-wise, it would just be more fun for me as a player around the grounds. Yeah, I definitely think it would help us a lot. Hopefully one day it could be a possibility."


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