Garcia Slams 'Frustrating' New Two-Week Format Of WTA 1000 Tournaments After Madrid Loss

Garcia Slams 'Frustrating' New Two-Week Format Of WTA 1000 Tournaments After Madrid Loss

by Zachary Wimer

Caroline Garcia criticized the new 'longer' format of the WTA 1000 events, explaining that it was just a lot of 'waiting.'

Generally, the WTA and ATP 1000 events on both sides of the sport were one-week events. That is a lot of matches in a short period of time, which is part of why the format changed in recent years.

First, it changed with the Sunshine Double, the Indian Wells Open, and the Miami Open, which have been two-week events for the longest time. Then, it slowly started to be introduced in other events, with the plan of having most of the ATP and WTA 1000 events have two-week formats.

The players didn't insist on longer formats because plenty of them voiced their doubts over the new proposed format. This was mostly from the event's ATP and WTA sides, as more days equals more tickets, which equals bigger profits.

But as we've seen in the past, it's not particularly popular with the players. The latest player to come out about it was Garcia after her loss at the Madrid Open, and she was quite open about what she disliked about it.

"In the week we've been here, we've only played two matches. Everything goes very slowly. You don't do much, you're waiting all the time... this format is a little frustrating. Maybe there are people who can identify with it, but I still I haven't found anyone who likes it."

Garcia on the format

Her main issue was the waiting, because she didn't get to play much, just waiting for her turn. As Garcia pointed out, it's a preference. Some players might like the day off because it gives them a chance to recover and prepare well.

Some players won't like it, but ultimately, as with anything, money talks, and this format is likely not going anywhere anytime soon.


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