Sinner 'Favourite In Every Tournament He Plays' According To Rival Alcaraz

Sinner 'Favourite In Every Tournament He Plays' According To Rival Alcaraz

by Zachary Wimer

Two-time Madrid Open champion Carlos Alcaraz deems Jannik Sinner a favourite in every event the Italian plays.

The rise of the 22-year-old Italian has been fascinating to observe. What's even more impressive is how receptive his colleagues have been to quickly proclaim him to be the best in the world.

Novak Djokovic did it weeks ago, and his main young rival ,Carlos Alcaraz, also didn't shy away from it. The Spanaird is actually one of only two players to have beaten him.

He's the only player to have beaten a healthy Sinner, as Stefanos Tsitsipas' win over him mostly came after the Italian injured himself. That's high praise from all sides for Sinner, who admittedly dismissed much of the talk, preferring to keep talking on the court.

Alcaraz once again praised Sinner recently while talking about his chances at the 2024 Madrid Open. Contrary to himself, Sinner hasn't played in the Spanish capital that much and hasn't done that spectacularly in the past. This year's start has been very impressive, though.

"Well, he's not used to playing here in Madrid. I think last year he missed it. I think he didn't play in this tournament since 2022, and he didn't play so much here in Madrid. So I don't know how it's gonna be, his game, with the altitude, but his first round was impressive."

A match between them here would be spectacular, and if it does come to that, then Alcaraz has no question about who the favourite would be. To him it would be Sinner, as he once again confirmed that the Italian is ahead of him right now.

"Yeah, of course, I see him as a favorite player to win every tournament he goes. I'll try to play my best tennis. I'll try to not let him winning more titles (smiling), but it is difficult right now. But, you know, if Jannik plays at this level, as I said, he's the favorite in every tournament he goes."


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