Djokovic Calls Rival Sinner 'Best Player In The World' Amid Tremendeous 2024 Form

Djokovic Calls Rival Sinner 'Best Player In The World' Amid Tremendeous 2024 Form

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic crowned Jannik Sinner as the best player in the world in his interview ahead of the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters.

Sinner has truly been amazing this year, but not just this year. Last year's conclusion already saw the Italian get close to Djokovic in terms of level and even beat him a couple of times.

He did lose in the final of the ATP Finals to him, but he avenged it this year by beating him at the Australian Open and then lifting the trophy. He would win another trophy at the Rotterdam Open and then make the Miami Open final and win that event as well.

He's just been on another level this year, losing only one match, to Carlos Alcaraz in Indian Wells. For Djokovic, who spoke with L'Equipe, Sinner has been the world's best player this year. The Serbian explained just what was different from him and how that impacted his results.

"Jannik is currently the best player in the world. He only lost one match. He has improved in all areas of his game. He moves better, he is very present mentally. In important matches, we have seen the difference in Jannik over the past six months. He wins the big matches. He learned from his mistakes and he is very present in important moments."

Sinner's progression was recently called Djokovic-like by Mats Wilander, which is an interesting claim for the Serbian himself. Much like the 24-time major winner, Sinner took his time to really emerge as this great version of himself, and now he looks close to unstoppable.

"We all knew that he could hit hard, forehand and backhand, that he loved to be aggressive in dictating the points. He still does that but with fewer errors, more margin. This is a very big development from a technical and tactical point of view. He plays incredible tennis."


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