Fans Enraged By Swiatek Saying Her Dubai Loss Was 'Because Of Her Level'

Fans Enraged By Swiatek Saying Her Dubai Loss Was 'Because Of Her Level'

by Zachary Wimer

Iga Swiatek's comments following her most recent loss at the 2024 Dubai Championships enraged some of the fans,

Swiatek contested the Dubai Championships semi-final and lost. She played below her average level against Anna Kalinskaya, which she admitted after the match during the post-match press conference.

She was asked what contributed to her loss, and she simply stated that her playing badly contributed to the fact that she was not able to win the semifinal match of the WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai.

That didn't go over well with some fans who went to social media to bash Swiatek for those comments as they felt it downplayed the role Kalinskaya played as the Russian put forward a pretty good effort.

"Today I would say, I mean she [Anna Kalinskaya] played well and for sure she deserves to be in the final, but I feel like it was more about me and my level. I wanted to be focused on myself and I wasn’t really able to implement any tactics that I had."

Iga Swiatek

One important thing to mention is that the Pole gave her opponent credit for the win but tried to be honest with her assessment. Also, she's the number one player in the world and has been dominant for a couple of years already.

With all due respect to Kalinskaya, she's not on that level, and even though Swiatek gave her credit, it wasn't enough for some fans.

"Give your opponent credit omg this lady really hates women."

A fan on X

Another fan suggested that Swiatek did the same thing Serena Williams apparently used to do.

"Taking comments out of Serena's book. Must've been written down in her notebook."

"That's what they all say when they lose: it's all ab me, all on my racquet, it's the ego talking. She got beat by a better player pure and simple."

"Disappointing to hear her say it was all about her. Kalinskaya played a great match."


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