Even If Sabalenka Wins 10 More Slams She's Going To Be Same Person Says Best Friend Badosa

Even If Sabalenka Wins 10 More Slams She's Going To Be Same Person Says Best Friend Badosa

by Nurein Ahmed

Paula Badosa nourished her relationship with fellow WTA player Aryna Sabalenka, calling her a "genuine and humble" person who is unlikely to change her good character.

Badosa and Sabalenka enjoy a great friendship both on and off the court. In individual sports like tennis, it can be challenging to coexist as training partners and friends, particularly when both players compete for the same prize.

At the same time, because of the compact schedule, players have limited time to interact with each other. Some players are more inclined to focus only on themselves in tactical preparation and well-being and don't find comfort in having a close rival as a friend or practice partner.

This has been epitomized by the claims of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, who admitted that he doesn't share a close relationship away from the courts with former Big 3 rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

But Badosa, who spoke to reporters after losing a close third-round match at Roland Garros to Sabalenka, praised the Belarusian's outgoing personality and powerful game, which, when combined, make her a fun player to watch.

"I think she shows that she's such a natural, honest person. I think tennis needs players like her. Also, she brings an amazing game on court, very intense. She's passionate. I think we need players with this kind of charisma. She's fun to watch."

The Spaniard tends to have a very active social media life and partakes in friendly banter with the World No. 2, as evidenced by their recent interaction in Stuttgart.

Badosa referred to Sabalenka as an inspiration largely because she stays true to her values and has not changed even after fame and success on the court, including winning two Grand Slams.

"Off court, she's a nice person, very genuine, always trying to help. I think players that are so good in their sport and they're, like, very normal and very humble, I think that's the most important and the most inspiring. That's why I think we have this amazing relationship, because even if she wins 10 more slams, she's going to be the same person."


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