'Disgraceful & Disgusting': Navratilova Slams Giorgi's Celebration After Williams' Fall

'Disgraceful & Disgusting': Navratilova Slams Giorgi's Celebration After Williams' Fall

by Balasz Virag

Martina Navratilova joined fellow former player Rennae Stubbs in criticizing Camila Giorgi for celebrating a point in which Venus Williams fell.

Venus Williams and Camila Giorgi battled for three hours in the Birmingham Classic round one match and it was a match that saw quite a few things happen. Most importantly Venus Williams finished the match on her feat being able to walk away from the match as she did last week in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Another important thing was her actually winning her first match since January and winning her first grass match since 2021. It was also a satisfactory finish for Williams after her opponent shockingly celebrated a point in which she fell. Williams' initial reaction was to give Giorgi a death stare.

The moment was captured by former player Rennae Stubbs who blasted Giorgi for doing that calling it the lowest point of her career. She's had a few controversies in her career so that's why Stubb's framing is so meaningful. Another former player who was appalled by the moment is Martina Navratilova as she voiced her opinion on social media in response to what Stubbs said.

Serves her right- Venus kicked her butt anyway!!! How disgusting from Giorgi if that is how it happened.

Navratilova reacts to Stubb's comment 

Stubbs' initial reaction highlighted the stare Venus gave her opponent noting the danger behind that and she was proven right. Williams ended up beating Giorgi getting the last laugh. In response to Navratilova's tweet, Stubbs further asserted that she rewatched the replay multiple times to make sure it was Giorgi who shouted.

Oh it did. I even had to rewind the point to make sure it was her. Was so bad!

Stubbs to Navratilova

Navratilova then responded doubling down on her words calling it disgraceful. According to her, it's even worse than what Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo recently did and she had some words for that incident as well.

Wow! that's worse than what Bouzkova and Sorribes did at RG. Totally disgraceful.

Navratilova doubles down on her words


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