'Clear Disaster': Wawrinka Echoes Djokovic's Claims Amid Davis Cup Format Controversy

'Clear Disaster': Wawrinka Echoes Djokovic's Claims Amid Davis Cup Format Controversy

by Evita Mueller

Stan Wawrinka is not a fan of the current Davis Cup format, and he would like to see it change in the future because this has been a disaster according to the Swiss player.

Wawrinka made headlines recently when he publicly bashed the Davis Cup organizers for having Switzerland play in Manchester in front of empty stands. That, of course, is a consequence of this new format, which basically sees only several teams play in front of fans.

Wawrinka is not a fan of it, and he's not the only one. Quite a few players were asked about the format, and they let it be known that it's not the best one. Even Novak Djokovic spoke about the format, admitting that players weren't consulted, which should have been the case in his opinion.

Wawrinka fully agrees as he explained that this new format has been a disaster for the competition but more importantly, the people that made it so still decide on the future of the competition.

As we said, they took the decision five years ago to bring a new company in to change the format. You have to try new things, that's for sure. But it's been quite a clear disaster. I saw this company finished the deal of 25 years, they finish after five years?

So that means something is wrong, something is not working. The people who took the decision to make this new format are still deciding for the future of Davis Cup. So there is, of course, something wrong. And I also read what Novak said. It's completely right. They didn't ask players what they think.

It's pretty clear that whatever change is coming in the future, it should be after consulting the players. As Wawrinka explained, he doesn't think that players should decide, but they should be able to provide some input.

We shouldn't be deciding but we should give advice of what we believe can be good for the sports, for the fans and for the players.


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