Alcaraz Needed A Break After Frustration Buildup At US Open, According To Rusedski

Alcaraz Needed A Break After Frustration Buildup At US Open, According To Rusedski

by Sebastian Dahlman

According to former ATP player Greg Rusedski, Carlos Alcaraz took a minor break after the US Open, and it was much needed.

Carlos Alcaraz had an interesting North American stretch as he didn't quite amaze with his tennis. There were moments when he looked impressive, but overall, it wasn't really that amazing. He struggled in Canada but was better in Cincinnati.

The US Open was somewhat in the middle as he had really good showings at the event, but was completely disappointed against Daniil Medvedev, leaving himself very upset after the match. He returned to Spain and took some days away from tennis to recharge ahead of what might be a huge stretch for him in the Far East.

Rusedski talked about Alcaraz in a recent appearance on the Inside-In Podcast, explaining why the Spaniard needed to step away from the sport. According to Rusedski, the Spaniard was very frustrated during his time in North America.

I think that's one of the reasons why he (Carlos Alcaraz) missed the Davis Cup. Because mentally he is so fatigued from everything that he's been through. He needs a little break. Let's not forget, from Canada all the way to the US Open, we saw more frustration in Carlos than we've seen throughout the last few years. So this is a nice time for him to reset.

We'll see how the Spaniard does in Asia, but theoretically, he should be a really good fit on those courts. There is a lot to play for with the Shanghai Masters, as well as trying to return to number one in the rankings.

Djokovic is not playing, so there are very few players who could seriously challenge him if he produces his best. We're only about a week away from his return to the courts, so we'll see soon enough.


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