'Always Under Shadows Of Federer & Nadal': Djokovic Finally Getting Recognition Says Rusedski

'Always Under Shadows Of Federer & Nadal': Djokovic Finally Getting Recognition Says Rusedski

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former ATP player Greg Rusedski is glad to see Novak Djokovic getting recognition following his most recent achievement.

The list of achievements by Djokovic is a very long one because he's been great for such a long time. Even so, the Serbian spent many of those years in the shadow of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer but is finally being recognized for what he is - one of the greatest.

It has to feel good for Djokovic, who will likely never eclipse them in popularity, but he's racking up achievements and trophies, firmly building a case to be considered the best. As he explained in the Inside-In Podcast, former player Greg Rusedski is glad about it.

I think he's the most professional. Even we heard Rafa talking about it, he was saying 'look I had so many injuries throughout, Novak's always been healthy, he's the guy who has always gotten through physically' and that in itself is a skill. People don't look at recovery, health, consistency, all those things. To have that motivation and drive at 36 years old is incredible.

The professionalism of Djokovic was never really questioned, and talked many times about his approach to the sport. Rusedki joked by comparing his 36-year-old self to Djokovic to really showcase how special what the Serbian is doing is.

I mean I was brain dead by the time I was 36, just playing some social tennis and some champions tennis on the senior tour. So, for him to do this at this high level and still be the best player on the planet is exceptional. Let's enjoy it because this is a very rare thing to see in sport.

There are many ways you can demonstrate how impressive it is. He won three Grand Slams this year, and each of his opponents was a lot younger than him. Stefanos Tsitsipas and Casper Ruud are over a decade younger than Djokovic, while Daniil Medvedev is nine years younger. Outplaying them as easily as he did is incredible.

And I think he is finally getting all the credit he deserves because he's always under the shadows of Federer and Nadal with the love and the admiration. Now he's really what he deserves from what he's accomplishing.


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