Gauff & Osaka Could Form Exciting Rivalry In Years To Come According To Mouratoglou

Gauff & Osaka Could Form Exciting Rivalry In Years To Come According To Mouratoglou

by Evita Mueller

Patrick Mouratoglou believes tennis could get a pretty exciting rivalry between Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff in the coming years.

Naomi Osaka hasn't won any big trophy in tennis for a long time for various reasons. She's currently away from the sport due to becoming a mother this year, though her comeback is pretty close, with the Australian Open about three months away. It's the event she mentioned as the most likely to see her return.

The Japanese player is certainly one of the best players in the world when she hits her peak, but we haven't seen it in a while, and we don't know whether we'll see it in the future. Patrick Mouratoglou thinks we will, and he's excited to see her take on the newest superstar in tennis - Coco Gauff.

I think she is a star. To fully be a star she needed to be a Grand Slam champion, now she is. I think she can win many more. And she is definitely so exciting to watch. She has so much charisma, energy, positivity. I think she has everything to become a big star and bring people to come and watch WTA.

Mouratoglou on Gauff

Mouratoglou used to coach Gauff at his academy, so he knows her potential well. She's certainly one of the more exciting players in recent years, same with Naomi Osaka. He thinks that her return could be the spark of a really exciting new rivalry on the WTA Tour.

I'm very happy that Naomi Osaka is coming back next year. I think she's also great for tennis and the rivalry between the two can be exciting.

Mouratoglou on the return of Osaka

We'll see soon enough because her return is not that far away. She's been spectacular in Australia generally so it's the perfect event to make her return.


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